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M3 - Texas Pack + Load

The Global M3 is the Toughest

Our Global “M” Purpose-Built LINE of street sweepers offer a unique perspective on maintenance. Our products are actually engineered to help our customers maintain and service our sweepers! Our electrical locker combines ease of access but it also simplifies trouble shooting procedures. Access to our elevator components and the engine are superb, and our gutterbroom changes and Pick up Broom change takes less time compared to any other competitive unit. Our array of options allow us to built a street sweeper specific to customer needs and our Single Engine Design includes low fuel consumption and low operating noise levels. The Global M3 operate at 76 dBA while sweeping! Yes, sweeping at night without waking up all the residents.

With our Global M3 package we push the envolope of comfort and safety! The sweeping speed of 5-11 mph allows for a very efficient operation while the compact design and exceptional maneuverability (12.5′ Turning Radius) offer the ability to sweeper downtown areas and tight cul-de-sacs. Our M3 offers additional Standard options not available on competetive units. Front Full Suspension, Heavy Sweep Package and Hoppper Load Leveling Device with Hopper Full Indicator are all part of standard equipment and offer unbeatable performance and value. In addition, options such as AM/FM/CD Radiio, Dual In-Cab Gutterbroom Tilt, Air Ride Seat, Full Front and Rear Suspension and 100% Stainless Steel Hopper with Lifetiime Warranty can be included to offer a superb sweeper that will outlast the competition.

Global “M” Purpose-Built Line of sweepers offer a unique mix of options, sales features and warranties. We are proud to offer Two(2)-Year Engine Warranty, 1000-Hour Warranty for Dirt Shoes, an 2000-Hour Elevator Sprocket Warranty. All part of standard equipment!


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