New Way 25yd Cobra Magnum

– 25yd, high-compaction, rear loader
– Factory Mounting
– Hot Shift Gear Pump (w/ Overspeed) Pack on the go
– 12,000lb Reeving Cylinder w/ Latch Kit
– 2 Perkins Rotary Actuated D6220 Cart Tippers (mounted RH and LH Tailgate)
– Halogen Work Lights ((2) mounted inside upper tailgate shining inside hopper)
– Strobe Light Package (Integrated Strobes System ((2) round lights mounted upper tailgate)
– Strobe Light Package (Integrated Strobes System ((2) round lights mounted lower tailgate)
– Saftey Shutdown Curbside
– Driver Alert Buzzer Curb Side
– Driver Alert Buzzer Street Side
– Interlock on Front Access Door
– Fire Extinguisher – 10lb
– 3rd Eye 7.0’’ Color Flat Screen w/ Audio
– Paint White to Match Cab
– Body Underoating
– Body Floor ¼’’ AR400-AR450
– Hopper Floor and Back Liner 10GA, AR200
– Tailgate Lower Sides ¼’’ 100K
– Slide Face 7GA, 100K
– Ejection Panel Face 10GA 50K
– All Body Panels 10GA, 80K
– Frame Mounted Hydraulic Tank
– Induction Hardened Slide Rods
– Induction Hardened Sweep Rods
– Zinc Clear Hydraulic Tubes
– Quick Disconnect Pressure Port at Front Valve
– Rubber Mud Flaps in Front of Rear Axles
– Shovel/Broom Rack (mounted streetside tailgate)
– 5yr Cylinder Warranty


Call for price – (210)239-2282


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