Mini Patchers

These innovative asphalt patchers were designed with the budget-conscious municipality or contractor in mind. The most compact units currently available on the market, the B-1.5 and B-1.8 are designed for a lean 19,500lb (GVW) chassis. While still maintaining a potential asphalt payload of up to three tons, these mini patcher boast many of the same features of much larger models.

PB Patchers Offer These Proven Features:
• All Hydraulic Operation
• Fully Insulated Container
• Radiant Heat System
• Adjustable Thermostat and Automatic Ignition
• Convenient Controls
• Two Full Width Rear Doors and Double Acting Hoist (model BC-1.5 only)
• Available with Kevlar or Steel Chain Conveyor (model BC-1.8 only)

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