2019 Hino 338 and Petersen TL3

TL3 with Dual Walk-Thru Platform

– Heavy Duty Rotator Motor
– Quadsticks Mechanical Joystick Controls
– Grating Heat Shield
– Reflective Tape on Outriggers
– Impact Resistant Outrigger Pads
– Heavy Duty, High Intensity LED Outrigger Strobes
– Standard Bucket
– Boom-up Warning Alarm/Light
– Dual LED Strobe Mounted on Boom
– Hose Guards for Head and Valve Bank
– Work Lights x2 (mounted on boom)
– Add Grab Handle Both Sides
– Tool Box, mounted to truck frame
– HD Control Station (includes throttle switch, engine kill and horn)
– Tandem Pump
– Kevlar Hose Sleeves
– Perfect Fit Hose Routing
– 1824 HDX Hardox Body
– PI Self-Winding Load Cover Device
– Barn Doors
– LED Type Body Lights
– LED Flashers in Rear Corner Post
– Work Lights Curbside and Street Side
– Rear Camera Mounted in Rear Marker Light
– Loader Painted Orange, Body Painted Black


Call for price – (210)239-2282


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